About Circus3

Traditionally, circuses would just come to town. Our vision is a year-round Vancouver hub welcoming all who love circus.

Our Story

Circus3 is British Columbia’s only circus-specific presenter. Our first show, directed by our founder Daniel Zindler, premiered in 2011 on Granville Island. Presenting circus in a converted machine shop built circa 1920 was not without its challenges. We learned to rig the trapeze from old wooden beams. We almost forgot to pick-up our finale act from the airport. Yet we loved every moment, and, fortunately for us, audiences and the media seemed to agree:

“It’s not what your great-granny would have seen, but gives a bright new face to the vaudevillian spirit of her day.”

Georgia Straight

With various projects in between, including an arts festival produced in partnership with the Downtown Vancouver Business Association, 2013 saw the first edition of a long-running audience favourite: The New Year’s Eve Variety Show. An overnight success you say? Not quite. Our first show, at the 668-seat Vancouver Playhouse, sold just 31 tickets. Ouch! After years of success with other shows, it was a humbling moment. Jump forward, and last year at the Vancouver Playhouse we were able to sell out.

Meet Daniel

Artistic Director

I began my performing career busking on Granville Island at a young age, where I realized getting paid for my antics was better than getting detentions for them. Busking (or street theatre), unlike traditional theatre, provides me with a unique venue for increased artistic risks and brutal audience feedback, as people simply walk away if they’re not interested in what they see.

While I continue to enjoy a successful career as a performing artist, garnering international festival appearances and numerous awards along the way, I now bring my passion for circus arts to Circus3. With the support of colleagues within Vancouver’s expanding circus arts community, I founded the society in 2011. As the Artistic Director, I’ve created and directed each of the company’s shows since its inception.

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